Friday, July 28, 2017

The (Unbelievable) Benefit Of Kids' Programming

You know ... there's nothing better than educational television with a twist to get the kiddies involved, aware and gung ho about learning.

That's why I think an academic, informational slant on boob tube viewing would be the way to go for the tykes.

Picture it: A lively intro and engaging narration directed right at the viewing audience to the point of enthusiasm! (Bet you didn't know Jeff, with his distinctive British accent, is the perfect man to front such voice-over interaction. He is! But any of us could step up to the task; Clark possess an intriguing command of language and I have radio announcing experience beneath my belt. Heck, week to week we could trade off to keep things fresh and interesting! Brilliant!)

The subject of our kids' programming? Why, education the Unbelievable's way of course! (Translation: Education the Unbelievable's way = FUN!)

Here are a few examples:

Revolutionary War Re-enactment

Just think of the joy learning about regimented training, wartime strategies and the mechanics of firearms! Kids like things that go boom, you know. Win, win!

Hands-On Farming

For the hard to please little ones, nothing conditions them like putting them in place of farm animals to cool their jets. With Jeff's pointed commentary, the fear of excessive, difficult equipment operation will get them to appreciate how well off they really are with their PS4s and other electronics.

Discovery At Sea Level

Kids are naturally curious. They'll be amazed at all the creepy crawlies and other things inhabiting beaches and tide pools. Careful of those poisonous sea anemones though! (The narration will learn'em.)

Rough and Ready

Nothing educates like hands-on experience. The Unbelievables unique examples of brickworking, construction and other physical activities will fine tune the clumsiest of kids, honing them to alert individuals and remove any ungainly butterfingerness.

Tools Of The Trade

Our singular and original series of heavy equipment education will have children crying "More!" when they're introduced to our step by step methodologies for troubleshooting and repairing all manner of machinery. If you're afraid of getting your hands dirty, these segments will remove any doubts.

What do you think? Terrific, I know! The kids would go wild in the streets!

"I know I have homework, mom, but I really want to tune into The Unbelievables and their nifty educational program! Can I, please?"

Yep. That could be your kid asking you to watch something that will benefit them in their delicate, formative years, something to take with them all through life. (Who knows? Maybe watching our show will benefit you, too!)

I like it!

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