Monday, July 31, 2017

WHAT is he up to now? - or - What IS he up to now?

It's no secret that throughout our careers, our most dangerous (or at least most persistent) adversary has been the vile Henri Petit. But it's actually been a while, nearly a whole year, since we've had direct contact with the grubby little pest. This made us ask the question, "What's he been doing?" to which we all answered, "Nothing good!"

It was suggested that somebody (me) drive by his house (oddly enough, we live within 11 miles of each other) and conduct some surveillance, which is Latin for "see what's goin' on". I did, and this is what I surveilled...
The scant suckling was just perched on the front stoop, wearing a monkey mask. I couldn't resist the urge to roll down the window, snap this photo and yell, "Lookin' good, Henri. Lookin' real good, you malformed chimp" He didn't even react. He just stared straight ahead as I offered an obscene finger gesture before driving off.

Upon arriving back at HQ, I showed Jeff and Michael the pic, which they studied briefly before asking, "so what is he doing?" "I dunno," I offered. "Just being a weirdo, I guess. Maybe he's given up the super villain biz and decided to embrace the creepy thing on a full-time basis." We all considered the possibility before dismissing it with a collective, "Naaahhhh".

So what is going on?

  • Is he wearing a mask?
  • If so, why?
  • And why didn't he acknowledge being addressed? (Rude!)
  • Maybe it's not a mask and he's experimenting with animal cross-breeding?
  • Still, he could have waved or something. (Soooo rude)
Michael and Jeff will offer some possible scenarios later this week.

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