Monday, July 10, 2017

Everybody dance now

We finally got home from Switzerland the other day and hadn't even settled down when these characters showed up at the door:
I greeted them but was unnerved. In addition to being aggressively colorful, they also wouldn't stop moving around. Before I could ask "who are you?", They said, in unison, "Hi! We're The Unbelievable Dance Crew! And we're here because you're our heroes and you need a signature dance!" This was before I could ask, "why are you here?" Another piped up and said, "we just think it would be awesome if 'The Unbelievable' was a dance that people could do in clubs and at weddings and other social occasions where people dance!" Managing to get a word in, I said "weddings are the only social occasion where people dance." That made that one dancer slow down just a little.

But yeah, bottom line here is that these young go-getters are all about us being represented in a signature dance. The kind where when you look at a dance floor at a discotheque and say "what are they doing?", the answer would be "they're doing The Unbelievable!". And they are fully prepared to 'go viral' in making it happen. Through sheer force of will and obnoxiously high energy, I don't doubt it. Since they admire us, they wanted to get our personal input into what should be part of it.

I told them I love robots so I would very much to see some robotic moves be part of what they eventually come up with:

Wait til you see what Michael and Jeff have for them later this week!

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