Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Drop those nuts!

Guinney spilled some of his work on his shirt
"Tune in later this week for the next part later this week! For, like, the next part!" - Jeff, earlier today

We wailed and skanked our way back to Guinney's shop. Once there, I did my best to focus on the matter at hand - impending evil ploy perpetrated by the mini-menace Henri Petit - and not sample even more of Guinney's wares. Here's what he said:
"My nuts are in trouble!"
When asked to elaborate he said, "No self-respecting chocolatier can possibly hope to have a line of treats without offering nuts and almonds and pecans and etcetera." To which I replied, "Duh."

"Well, the other day", he continued, "a very tall man in a trench coat and wearing a hat came in here and threatened me, saying 'Enjoy your nuts while you have them, because they're not long for this world'. Then he laughed in a sinister manner and transitioned into a nasty smoker's cough."

"Tall man, eh?", Jeff queried. "That lets out Petit." "Yes, but as he turned to leave, he was very unsteady", Guinney said. "I think it was a small person on a regular-sized person's shoulders." We all looked at each other and shared the same thought: "Henri Petit would totally try to pull a stunt like that!"

"But to what end?", Guinney asked. Michael said, "Isn't it obvious? He's planning to corner the nut market, in order to put the squeeze on the chocolate biz. And he's probably going to destroy huge nut crops in order to do so!"

We've got to save those nuts.

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