Thursday, December 15, 2016

Clark's AmDrams

One of the first things Clark did after deciding to form a theater group was to sit for hours thinking up a name for them, which in retrospect should probably have taken no more than about ten minutes. Not Clark though. After a good hour and a quarter he ran up to us, saying he'd finally reached a decision. 

Unimpressed about being disturbed like that during our badminton game Michael and I stopped for a moment nevertheless and duly listened politely. We knew what it was like when Clark was in one of his excitable periods and knew it wouldn't last too long. All we had to do was be patient with him.

"I'm calling it the Unbelievable Dramatic & Operatic Local Theatre Society." he said, pausing to allow us time to react appropriately.

"U.D.O.L.T.S?" I said, slightly alarmed. I then composed myself while Michael smirked and heard myself offer to re-write my adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for his first production.

Next day I was approached by Clark again, this time dressed from head to foot in Victorian garb, asking for the script. I'd kept a few copies from  the time we'd done it in college and, looking at Clark, told him he looked perfect for the part of Mr. Scratchit, the clerk with barely a penny to his name, employed by Scrooge McTightwad, the protagonist of the story.

Folks in "Victorian garb".

Clark flicked through the script and enthused over it wildly.  
"This is perfect! Just the job to prove ourselves with! It shall be done!" 

Well folks, tomorrow is opening night.     

Tune in Friday to see how it all went.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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