Villains Row

Forever with an agenda and a point to prove,
our life-long nemesis Henri Petit is shown here alongside his pet riding pig "Mr. Chops"
in one of his best attempts to appear "badass" ...

This is not a Halloween disguise!
That little creep Henri Petit isn't fooling anyone ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Negative Charge
(so called "Master Of Electricity")

You have to wonder how some of these so-called "super villains" come up with their monikers.

Not that "Negative Charge" is an especially bad name for a super villain. On the contrary: It's not bad in the least. 

But what about the guy's base of operations? The dopily named "A-1 Kwik Kwality Sparky Corp. Inc. and Co. Ltd." Like that isn't an obvious front for something other than what it seems.

In the case of Negative Charge however it's not so much knowing how he came up with the name as it is how he lives up (or down, as might be a better stated) to the moniker.

Have The Unbelievables ever come across a more considerate foe? No. The guy is polite to a fault which, truth be told, is baffling in and of itself.

And yet even that quality about him is hit or miss, especially when it comes to his so called "minions" Kevin, Bob and Ted:

While the image clearly shows the scoundrel exercising miscreantic tendencies toward his "charges" (See what I did there?), his obvious unconventional methods notwithstanding the guy does show favor to his underlings. He provides an amicable work environment and his employees are paid well. In addition Charge offers some sort of "benefits package," he provides a well-stocked break room filled with goodies and he observer "casual Fridays." Go figure.

And while these personal considerations are appreciated by his staff, you have to wonder about the dude's get up:

Negative Charge's original "evil disguise" concept ...

... something based partially on his love of the Star Wars' character Lobot ...

A computer monitor? You'd think the ne'er-do-well about town would choose something a little more conducive to movement, but no ... not Negative Charge - he flies by his own freak flag.

His trademark computer monitor headpiece was initially inspired by Bespin denizen Lobot of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. But, as you can see, the design was completely lost in translation. Nothing remains of Lobot's look; instead, Negative Charge went an entirely different direction. Hey ... whatever accepts your floppy discs, y'know?

And then there's his interesting and singular self-promotion:

I mean ... wow. In some ways, you have to tip your hat to him - he does put it out there "old school" ... and there's some merit to that. On the other hand, he promotes himself with T-shirts featuring his mug on them? Maybe that's a bit too old school not to mention cheesy. After all, look at the type of crowd the guy attracts ...

Is that the kind of confluence you'd like hanging around if you were a super villain? I didn't think so.

Translation: The Unbelievables come across all kinds of freaks and weirdos - those with self-serving agendas, those who want to take over the world and all every kind in between. 

But the one absolute we know about Negative Charge is this:

His sincere and counter-productive accommodating nature is one of his greatest weaknesses. And it probably always will be.

(last updated April 13, 2014)

The Double-D Dames / Mac Ramey

The Double-D Dames, Demi, Dorna and Dani (aka Dx, D3 and DLish), along with their similarly-dressed siblings Dixie, Denise and Davina, as well as their mom Darlene are pictured below.

The dames almost brought the Unbelievables down. Michael was very nearly taken out of circulation after succumbing to the charms of DLish.

So what did they want with us? They wished to render us out of action so that crimes against fashion could be committed. They were working for this man...

Mac Ramey. This man wanted to harpoon the fashion world and encourage people to make their own hideous clothes out of knotted string. He knew we'd be onto a plan like that in a heartbeat, which is why he needed the girls to seduce us and distract us. It nearly worked, too. Michael was really gaga for DLish. We had to enlist Ulf the Unbelievadog to temporarily replace Michael and re-focus our efforts.

Good boy, Ulf.
You can read all about the Dames and Mac Ramey if you skip back to the post entitled Beware The Double-D Dames. 

The Hostess (and her cronies)
Back in 2012 we reported on the shenanigans occurring with Twinkies, and how it was all a secret plot hatched between The Hostess, Bimbo and Little Debbie to run every independent bakery out of business and subdue humanity by making sure all the baked goods they had access to were the ones made in their evil factories (laced with brain-dulling ingredients to make everyone compliant and dumb(er).), aided and abetted by mediation judge Robert Drain. We exposed him as Baron Jude Turgider.

Here's what he looks like on a day-to-day basis....

And at the end of a long day, he goes home to his lair and becomes Baron Jude Turgider.

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