The Unbelievables: The Pilot (script fragment)

Here, reproduced for the first time, is the remaining fragment of the script for the opening sequence of the pilot episode of The Unbelievables. It didn't get picked up by the networks, and no known copy of the filmed segments is known to exist. Enjoy.

The Unbelievables (Pilot)


DAY, Exterior shots Las Vegas Strip. (Use stock footage)

(Not the actual footage - but something like it.)

SUBTITLE Las Vegas, Nevada
SUBTITLE A Few Years Ago
SUBTITLE About lunchtime

Exterior shot of health club
SUBTITLE Las Vegas Racquetball and Ten-Pin Bowling Club
SUBTITLE: Shoe Rental Free W/Membership
SUBTITLE: Bring Your Own Towels

Interior shot: Men's locker room door.
Camera pulls back, door opens and two men enter. It is Michael and Jeff. Both are wearing racquetball outfits and are very sweaty. They begin to change their clothes, revealing their glistening pecs, throbbing biceps and shiny delts.

VOICEOVER: One day, three altruistic rogues were at the racquetball club...

MICHAEL: Gee. I sure wish I could do something about all the crime. Downtown.

JEFF: Me too. The crime really gets my goat.

Camera pulls back to reveal Clark sitting on a bench clad in a towel, reading the Seattle P-I and smoking a meerschaum pipe.

CLARK: I agree. Those criminals make me so mad!

All nod in agreement.

CLARK: Wanna take a steam?

Camera cuts to steam room. Through the haze we can just make out the figures of Jeff, Michael and Clark. They are deep in thought.

MICHAEL: Hmmmm...
JEFF: Harumph!

Cut to closeup of Clark. He has an expression of realization on his face. A lightbulb appears above his head.

Closeup of Michael's face. Same expression as Clark. Lightbulb appears.

Closeup of Jeff. Same expression. Picture of raccoon above his head. 

CLARK: Guys, I gotta idea!

Cut to montage of Unbelievables stills (*see the trailer*)and show begins...

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