Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Everybody Dance ... How?

I had just come from somewhere in the base, coffee still in hand, when I heard "You know what? Hold on a moment ... I'm going to go get Michael ..." 

Then there was a loud cheering.

Clark came up to me. "Your turn. Go talk to the group outside."

"What? Who is it?" I asked.

"Just go. You'll see," Clark urged. He waited behind me a short distance, for what I hadn't a clue.

I went and opened the door. Cheering assaulted me and I jumped back a step. I swore I saw a few people in the background get thrown up in the air cheerleader style.

"HI, MICHAEL ... !!!"

Just like Clark, I took in the raucous greeting a bit unsettlingly. "Um ... hi?"

"We're The Unbelievable Dance Crew! And we're here because you're our heroes and you need a signature dance!"

I stepped back behind the door and looked over my shoulder at Clark. He floofed his hand at me in a "go on, talk to them" sort of gesture. I returned to the cacophony of cheering and greetings.

"'The Unbelievable Dance Crew' you say?"

"YES!!!" they shouted back at me.

"Unbelievable" I responded. 

"YES!!!" they shouted again. "We just think it would be awesome if 'The Unbelievable' was a dance that people could do in clubs and at weddings and other social occasions where people dance!"

"Truly unbelievable ..." I said again, under my breath. But, apparently, not quietly enough.

"YES!" claimed one person.

"Imagine it!" stated another emphatically.

"It would be awesome sauce!" cheered a third.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ... !!!" all of them screamed in unison.

I stepped back, closed the door slightly and turned again to Clark. "Why are you encouraging this?!?"

"Oh, let'em have their fun! They're just enthusiastic and they dig us. Where's the harm? Besides ... they're even willing to incorporate robotic moves in whatever they do ..."

I grumbled and reopened the door. A troupe of 7 of them had initiated a costume change. My jaw dropped:

"Uhm ... you know what? Let me get Jeff. I'll be right back ..."

I closed the door, turned on my heel and scowled at Clark (he appeared to be enjoying my reactions) as I marched down the hall to find Jeff.

"Robotic! Moves!" Clark called after me as I disappeared around a corner ...

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