Friday, July 21, 2017


For me, it wasn't so much how inept he appeared to be, it was how inept he most certainly was and yet was still able to get the ladies.

I mean, come on! He looks like he bought a giant condom, put it on and covered it with Magic Marker.

I voiced my opinion about this, loudly, to the guys when the above picture flopped onto our front doormat one day with an accompanying note:
Dear Unbelievables,
You guys think you're the only ones who know how to drive the ladies wild, huh? Well, let me tell you something - you're not!
Yours evilly, Ed Flurb, the evil guy
That one hit us where we live, you know?

Not only that, but the guy seems to have a following, for some obscure reason. So much so that he has inspired imitators who turn up at Comic-Cons dressed like him.

What is that all about!?

My opinion? Flurb is just a harmless nutter, albeit a mildly irritating one.

Clark will weigh in with his take on this fellow later. TTFN!


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