Friday, October 25, 2013

The Rather Sad Case Of Mr. Blobby

"Was there something in the water? Did the nation really once fall about laughing at the clumsy antics of a bloke in a big pink rubber costume with yellow blobs all over it?"
In the end, this was the criticism of the once wildly-popular Mr. Blobby. It made Britain the laughing stock of the comedy world.

But Mr. Blobby is a cautionary tale, a "character flaw" (so to speak) that everyone should learn from.

As Jeff detailed last episode, Mr. Blobby was one of the four most awful characters ever created ...

... and that irked Mr. Blobby's original creator, Charlie Adams. Especially when the rather nauseating yellow-splotched meatbag was included with the likes of Orko, Snarf and ring-leader David The Gnome.
If something went wrong some weekday evening? This Foulsome Foursome was immediately blamed. A devious act perpetrated? They had to be the cause. They were the fall guys of everything from halitosis to bad manners.

And, smack dab in the middle of it all, who got the brunt of the blame?

Mr. Blobby.

That didn't sit well with Mr. Adams, knowing a beloved character he'd birthed suddenly became the epitome of vilification, falling into a "wrong" crowd and being blamed by the public for just about everything under the sun.

And Mr. Blobby was his own worst enemy. He didn't help his cause any. First off, he didn't say anything coherent but "Blobby! Blobby! Blobby!" He acted like a spoiled child who wouldn't eat his dinner. And he looked like animated gallons of Pepto Bismal that didn't settle well. And that dopey smile ... *yeesh* Is it any wonder he was annoying?

So ... the face of world wide web costume atrocities had its whipping boys ... with Mr. Blobby front and center. Because, really ... what good could come of him? Surely he (along with his cronies) just had to be the culprits behind ill-conceived costume design! Halloween ruined forever more by the quartet!

Thus, the intent of Charlie Adams gone awry, to show the world his creation wouldn't go down without a fight: "I'll show them who's boss! Mr. Blobby will exact his revenge!"

The kicker all along, however, was this: While Charlie may have publickly put in motion the foundering of costume creations everywhere, it really went no farther than that. He didn't actually do anything to warrant such a movement. He just mouthed off a bit, slouched a lot and accepted begrugingly that Mr. Blobby would have a detrimental caveat placed in his history.

In reality, the buying public - thinking they could create the perfect Halloween costume by simply purchasing a simple pattern and some supplies and get to gettin' - was the real problem. You see ... everyone thinks they can sew and put something together ... but look at them: Do you see evidence of such from this family?

Of course not. Word of mouth swept the nation and, not wanting to be embarrassed by admitting they didn't know what they were doing and couldn't create the perfect outfit, they instead pointed the finger at some sad and lowly television characters, compounding their already unpopular states.

Ever hear of "mob mentality" ... ??? Swarming groups of people who instigate general social anarchy and mayhem? With the facilitation of the world wide web, that's just what happened, costumally speaking. They put their inability to create right at the the ends of their fingers and stabbed Mr. Blobby with them.
Truly, one of the oddest of The Unbelievables' cases we've ever looked into.

It doesn't mean Mr. Blobby isn't still one of the creepiest, most pitiful and ridiculous characters ever, but ... well ... he comes close.

Unless you're either of these guys ...

... and that's rather sad ...

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