Friday, April 26, 2013

Flight of the Conchords - What does that even mean?

Yes, Jeff is correct; Bret and Jermaine are field operatives. But it doesn't matter how much critical acclaim and popularity your satirical folk music combo receives, when it comes to The Unbelievables, you've got to earn your way into the ranks by starting at the very bottom. And that means that once upon a time, they were interns.

Picking up snacks for that case that required us to stake out Medieval Times.
Good work, boys.
 While serving in that capacity, Bret and Jermaine apparently became enamored with some of the code language we have to use during missions. Let us not forget, we're involved in some very serious business here. It's a world of ever-present threat to life and limb in the form of guns, knives, swords, bombs and martial arts, where your first mistake will in all likelihood be your last. With that in mind, we developed a code language so we can communicate in the heat of battle without giving away tactical info to our enemies. I can't stress this enough; if we're not absolutely perfect, people die! This is serious stuff!

This is a fairly common occurrence in our world.
Anyway, without giving away too much, "flight" is the code word for "quickly obtain" and "conchord" is the code word for "high-quality champagne". So "Flight of the Conchords" would basically be "hurry up and go get us some champagne, the good stuff; not that carbonated toilet wine you chuckleheads brought back last time". I guess Bret and Jermaine must have heard that phrase once or twice (or twenty-seven times) and took a fancy to it. We're honored but let's hope this doesn't become a trend. We simply can't have the real meaning of "Hoobastank" getting out.

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