Monday, May 29, 2017

A break in the case!

Having effectively cleared our names regarding the absurd notion that we could be criminals or ugly women, we received a formal apology from the Stiletto Flats Police Department:
"We're formally sorry about that. Our bad. It probably won 't happen again." - Stiletto Flats Police Department
To protect and to serve, or at least apologize when falling short

With that out of the way, we went to work actively trying to solve the case and we've already discovered the true identities of the bandits and they're (here comes the PLOT TWIST) actually women!
They're women who know that they look like men dressing as women. Fiendishly clever!

This is the leader. Her name is Maude Turklington. Her crew consists of her sisters...


And Fiona

They call themselves the Turklington Sisters Robbery Gang, which is not nearly as clever. These ladies are the brains of the operation and the ones who actually show up to commit the crimes, but they're assisted by their dimwitted boyfriends.

Maude's squeeze Kevin, getaway driver.

Daphne's main man Larry handles the crew's social media. Q: Why on earth would a gang of crooks have a social media presence? A: Why not?

And Fiona's buttermuffin Walter, who's on hand for various odd jobs and thuggery.

So now we know what we're really up against and that much closer to bringing them to justice!

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