Friday, May 19, 2017

The Dangerous Dancers Of Maurice: The problem we ALL have

Jeff stated the obvious: "We might have a problem ..."
Michael did an absolutely top-notch job of infiltrating Maurice Dancer's "nefarious flowery-frocked gang of musical mayhemers" and should be commended for taking, um, extreme measures to do so. The situation should be considerably easier to manage going forward, but major damage has been done and will continue to manifest for some time. I'm not sure you, the general public, see the potential problems...

"What's wrong with joining forces with a bunch of fun people who like to drink and sing and wear flowers in their hair?", you ask.

Nothing... at first

But soon, the flowers begin draining the victim's brain

"Uhhhhh... like, whaaaaa?"

And then the toxins begin distorting the victim's facial features...
"Give me a kiss. Or another lemon to suck on. Quack quack!"

These mutations become more pronounced...
"Whatever, Unbelievadude. We still cute!"

Hmmm, not so much, gals. Also, notice the pretty flowers are gone. That's because they're not just 'pretty flowers'. They're genetically modified flowers, engineered to attach to you, wreak havoc on your molecular structure and eventually recede into their roots, deep within your brain storage area (aka: head).
Dr. Moreau called. He wants you to come back to the island.

And that's when things start turning truly terrible...

What? No!!

Sweet merciful deity of a given individual's personal theological preference!

Yes. Now maybe you see that Maurice Dancer and his followers, in addition to all the crime they commit, are responsible for nothing less than turning innocent civilians into monsters. And you would know what a real mess that can be if you had ever read the classified file from 1987, the last time someone created a pandemic of monsters that roamed the earth and that we had to stop, but you don't because you haven't read that file because it's classified. So forget I mentioned it.

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