Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"It's the car, right? Chicks love the car."

The title of this entry comes from a line uttered by Val Kilmer as Batman in one of the more forgettable 1990's era "Batman" movies, but the line itself is accurate. Chicks DO dig the car. And it's easy to see why. Look at it!
Michael posted a picture of it Monday where it looks yellow. Sometimes it's red. Don't let it throw you.
Quite simply, there are two words to describe it: Sexy and Classic. Or Clasxy if you insist on one-word descriptions, even if it means making something up. This one, of course, belonging to The Unbelievables, is not a stock model off your local dealership's showroom floor. There have been special features added. Behold...
1. No gas cap. Is that because it doesn't run on gasoline (or "gas" or "petrol") and is completely green, aside from the color, because it actually runs on tiger farts? No, the gas cap is on the other side. Or maybe behind. I forget.
2. Tires, made from rubber, that make the ride smooth. Smoother than a tiger's fart.
3. A license plate could go here, but if I did that, it would make the car easier to identify which would decrease the stealth-iness. So, no.
4. No back seat. We can get cozy and snuggle but it's going to have to be in the front seats, and that means negotiating around the gear shift lever. Tricky, but it can be done.
5. Rear-view mirror, for seeing things behind the car. Objects may seem further away. Or farther. Maybe smaller.
6. I like these things. They look like gills on a shark!
7. Machine guns? Nope. These flip open to reveal lamps that illuminate the road ahead when driving at night.
8. What's in here, a gassy tiger for the sake of re-fueling? No, this is where the motor (or "engine" is located!
9. Radio antenna for picking up both AM and FM frequency transmissions!

There you have it. The car that the chicks dig.

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