Friday, May 12, 2017

Be Safe Out There


 One of our many satisfied Unbelievatravel Tips end users.

Having read our Monday and Wednesday logs, quite a few of you out there have (some possibly valid) concerns:

"I'm supposed to remember all this?!? I want a relaxing vacation! I don't want to check a cheat sheet every 10 minutes to see if I'm vacationing right!"
You don't want to be this guy ... do you? 
"Cripes! It's easier to stay home on one of those so-called 'stay-cations' than follow some of your tips, UnbelievaGuys!"

"By the time I reserve a private jet out of safety concerns, my holiday nestegg is nixed!"
 By the same token, you don't want to be this gal either ...
"Clark's best basic tip regarding travel? 'Don't.' Hey ... I'm right there with him ..."

There are more ... but you get the idea.

Look folks: Just like living your la vida loca, everything mentioned is subject to your interpretation and level of comfortability. Deep down, you're going to do what you want when you venture off on that travel excursion. All we've done is provide you with a few pointers to give your respite a bit of added comfort, whether it be for the sake of fun or security. 

"I followed The Unbelievables' tips to the letter.
And what an enjoyable holiday I had!"
- Harriet Shoalwalker, private citizen and Instagrammer

Rest assured, however, that if you spurn any of the information provided and any of the aforementioned pop up you'll be slapping yourself for not taking our free advice. The Unbelievables are world travelers, you know - we've got more than a few miles beneath our belts! And in today's world it's best to play it safe and sane out there. Amateur hour is the best method of working yourself into some unnecessary dilemma. Really: Who wants that?

Yes ... The Unbelievables often need to go undercover when traveling.
We kind of stand out if we don't.
(Left to right: Jeff, Michael, Clark)

So ... traveling solo or with the whole fam damnly, with close friends or part of an entourage, do travel like The Unbelievables do. Safely. Sanely. 

Seriously: Clark's "take a train" tip is a good one.
This guy did. See how relaxed and carefree he is?

Don't make us come back and say "We told you so ..."

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