Monday, September 4, 2017

What's In A (Baby) Name?

Y'know, it's difficult being Unbelievables sometimes. As major celebrities we often get asked to do things that are not in our job descriptions purely because of our level of famosity (famousness? famadociousicleness?). We've had to cut ribbons, open supermarkets and health centers, launch ships, etc., the list goes on.

Well, long story short, we have on occasion been asked by new parents to come up with names for their babies, and while this may have seemed fun to begin with, we named three that suddenly saw the baby-naming business dry up for us. Here is photographic evidence of the three names in question.

Don't blame it on the sunshine, moonlight, good times or boogie. Blame it on us listening to many repeat plays of Beats International's "Blame It On The Bassline".

Sorry, folks, but he really was (and still is) a handsome little guy.

Anything less than the best is a Felonie. Truth be told, we were kinda fed up with the whole baby-naming biz at this point, so we thought this was an appropriate name for a kid whose parents had been behind bars several times before. Her parents didn't mind, but the school truant officer sure did.

So there we are. We gave up after that. Parents should be the ones to name their wee ones, after all. 

More weird things we've been asked to do on Wednesday! Ciao!

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