Friday, September 8, 2017

Rockin' It

By far, though, one of the most "interesting" things we did (though, I rather did enjoy the dunk tank Clark mentioned last postcame courtesy of losing a bet. (It was all Jeff's fault for making the bet in the first place and allowing the conditions of said wager result in a "winner's choice" outcome. But that's a tale for another time ...)

Fortunately for us, the bet was contingent upon a one shot deal. But it was weird. We were once fashion models at a local rock and gem show.

And here's the weird thing: The organizers of the show didn't want it known The Unbelievables were the ones doing the modeling. No celebrity publicity whatsoever. They wanted us only for our masters of disguise abilities. (I told you it was weird.)

Take a look ...

Believe it or not, this is Jeff blowing extremely fine gold dust from his hand. 
Yeah ... we didn't get it either ...

 They made me dress up as a little girl rock hound ...

 Clark made a rather "smashing" run-of-the-mill female geologist.
(So they said.)

Legend has it someone called "Amethyst Girl" is a real showstopper.
Here's Jeff as that icon ...

This? Was one of the interactive photo booths.
(Jeff is on the left, Clark on the right. I played the rock.)

There was lots of hand modeling just like this. Go figure. 

For some reason this was a popular scene at the event ...

... and The Organizational Powers That Be highly encouraged these types of close ups
as fans walked up and down the aisles ... 

Yes. This is Clark. In this get up. (You can totally tell it's him.)

I don't remember if this was Jeff, if it was Clark or if it was me.
Bottom line? Great disguise!

By the time the shindig closed its doors
(6 hours of ultra boring geological mumbo jumbo talk)
I was ready to kill one of its directors. (Almost got away with it, too.)

In the end we survived. The show producers were pleased, noting we were a hit. (How? We still don't have a clue.) They even asked us back. We politely declined, pointing out the terms of our bet had been met to the letter.

At least for this type of rock show, we're done.

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