Friday, April 28, 2017

The U Filephiles

We're used to having fans.
They're loyal, they're enthusiastic, and they're everywhere.
Look very carefully at this photo; zoom in and enhance
But we also have diverse subsets of fans, those who are devoted to niche aspects of what we do and how we do it. In this case, they are the U Filephiles. This is an especially fervent sector of fans and their interest is... intense. Often, they're on the scene before we even get there! That's because they're not only keeping track of our actions via various intenet chat sites and bulletin boards, but also all the sites devoted to the "paranormal, supernatural and extraterrestrial" activity being reported around the globe. Their support is appreciated but it also makes it difficult to do our jobs sometimes. And sometimes, these fans get themselves into trouble.

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Ladies, please. Step back so we can see what's happening here.

Berrien Springs, Michigan - Hi. Nice to see you all. Please, we need to set up our equipment.

Alice Springs, Australia - Okay, you're standing in the middle of the road. Someone is going to get...

Oh dear. Oh no. That's unfortunate. Hoo boy. Medic...maybe? No. Never mind, probably. Darn. Gonna need to do some extra paperwork and clean-up now.

Well, I guess we all learned a valuable lesson today. I mean, we didn't. We already knew that getting too close to a UFO could mean getting spritzed with a laser weapon and being turned into a skeleton. You learned something. Hopefully.

Be a fan, but BeWare!

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