Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tip Top Tips

It's always a good idea to do things the right way. Because the opposite of that is doing things the wrong way and that is a bad idea, which should be self-evident by the presence of negative words.

You should always approach every task you undertake with the pre-conceived notion that you're going to do it correctly, getting the maximum possible good results from doing it because otherwise, frankly, what's the point?

With that in mind, I'm here today with some Top Tips for you in a couple of different areas...

A lot of jerks work in marketing. So a lot of other jerks think, "I'll bet I could work in marketing!". And they're right! If they follow this advice...

  • Draw from real life - Most people you're trying to reach have real lives. They want to be spoken to in those terms. And they love a "ripped from the headlines" approach to advertising because it's real life!
  • Celebrate diversity - Don't narrow your focus to one basic demographic. Try to appeal to as many different kinds of people as possible.

Not so great
Not too shabby!
  • Try to get a Kardashian as your spokesperson/focal point - Everybody loves them!


Not every one of your customers is going to be satisfied with the services you provide. Dealing with them can be tricky.
  • Get the right tools for the job - Human or otherwise
There's no such thing as too much body armor.
  • Treat the customer with respect, no matter what - Use dignity and compassion. Be complimentary.
"Oh my, somebody's been doing crunches! You look terrific, sir"
  • Beware of social media practitioners - Believe it or not, some people these days have the ability to capture photos and even video footage with their phones, and then immediately upload that to The Internet!
Potential troublemaker

Preparing meals in a slow cooker is super-easy and convenient.
  • Use a liner - It makes clean-up a breeze!
It really does!

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