Thursday, April 6, 2017

Is There Really A Blob On The Landscape?

You remember The Rather Sad Case Of Mr. Blobby, right?

In many ways it was one of The Unbelievables' most disturbing cases. Disturbing because it showcased the unfortunate mental breakdown of a character in the wrong place at the wrong time. It wasn't Mr. Blobby's fault he was inundated with some of the commentary surrounding him. "A metaphor for a nation gone soft in the head." "Proof of Britain's deep-seated attraction to trash." And these are some of the nicer critiques of the character. 

Put two and two together and you can see where this is leading: Original Mr. Blobby creator Charlie Adams.

"But ... he's dead," Jeff noted. And Jeff was absolutely correct. 

"A minor inconvenience," Clark offered. And it was.

We put two and two together once more and << VOILA! >>: Noel Edmonds of BBC's Noel's House Party where Mr. Blobby was first featured ... and as a regular (and annoying) character. He was behind all the shenanigans!

But I reasoned him out of contention: "The thing is, though, Edmonds is up there. He's in his late 60s. Add to that his real estate developments and previous and successful public career and he has no reason to perform any monkey business of the sort we're looking into, let alone with or as Mr. Blobby ..." The guys were in agreement.

And that's when the lightbulbs lit over all our heads: Previous Mr. Blobby protrayer Barry Killerby. We had our RudeMan!


"Wait ... him? He's RudeMan ... !!!???!?? But why ... ??? Or ... is he? And what does that have to do with Charlie Sheen if anything? Or painted graffiti 'member' on a wall with misspellings?!?" These were just some of the thoughts rolling around in our minds as we glanced at each other silently back and forth, thinking the obvious. (When something seems straightforward, we rarely have to speak out loud to make ourselves understood. It's a handy Unbeliev-ability.)

It didn't take long before Clark came up with something that took the spin out of the situation's sails and put everything in perspective ...

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