Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blob blah blah

"It didn't take long before Clark came up with something that took the spin out of the situation's sails and put everything in perspective ..."

"Let's squish him", I said.

Jeff and Michael just looked at me. Eventually, one of them said "what?" and the other one said "huh?" I don't remember which said what. Or huh.

"Let's squish him! Let's run up from behind, leap into the air and land on him with all the force of our combined weight and flatten him right down to the floor. If he really is Mr. Blobby, it won't hurt him, on account of him being made of blob material", I explained patiently.
"And if he isn't Mr. Blobby?", Jeff queried. "What then?"
I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. It could be cool."
"'It could be cool'?!?", Michael repeated incredulously. "That's your answer? How does that solve this case?"
I replied, "I'll be honest, I'm not sure what the case is at this point. We talked about RudeMan last week, and then we went to Qaqortoq, Greenland and we couldn't find him (although I did meet two nice girls there)
Aaruna and Batse. They're sisters!
so Charlie Sheen and Mr. Rogers got in a fight, with Charlie Sheen being in only slightly better health by virtue of not being declared legally dead yet and graffiti and mooning and now Mr. Blobby, I have kind of a short attention span and I'm already more than a day late with my chapter in the story so I thought maybe we could just wrap up the whole thing with a random act of violence and move on to something else on Monday, spending the remainder of the weekend doing Qaraoke in Qaqortoq with Aaruna and Batse."

Jeff and Michael looked at each other, frustrated with me and my lack of worthwhile contribution. That's when I said, "they have four more sisters, you know."
(L to R) Føbe, Gudrun, Ingka and Kaanaq with Aaruna and Batse (or is that Ingka, then Kaanaq...?)
Finally Michael announced, "I got dibs on all Journey songs!" and off we went.

So... The End?... I guess?

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