Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A small deal is a big deal

"It IS a big deal. I've shown I can worm my way into the most secure of events..."
We, like you, wanted to know more about this 'Zigfried' before we agreed to meet with him. Specifically, how exactly he's able to "worm" his way into things.
The obvious explanation is that he actually is a worm, or more accurately a worm-person. This was rejected almost immediately by Jeff and Michael who have never supported my theories regarding the existence of worm-people to the degree that I think they should.
If they don't exist, why am I able to find a picture of one of them on The Internet?

My admittedly self-defensive follow-up was "well, I'll bet he's at least very small, like most worms are." This was not dismissed outright because both Jeff and Michael agreed that someone of a more diminutive stature might find it easier to hide among a busload of tourists and then sneak around undetected backstage at a crowded awards ceremony. It was right around that time that the Dolby Theater sent over security footage from an exit stairwell...

Ladies and gentlemen, our first glimpse of our newest formidable foe, Ziegfried.


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