Wednesday, March 15, 2017

St. Pat's - Like Christmas (Including Annoying Family Members, By All Means)

"Yes, in terms of partying, St. Pat's at the UnbelievaBase is second only to Christmas ..."

And Jeff is spot on in so saying!

Faith and begorrah! You haven't the slightest idea! The festive mood is thick in the air around the Unbelieva-Base this week! So thick we (meaning: I) have started early by testing and fine tuning my traditional Gaelic costume.

You know how a picture's worth a thousand words? Well ... feast your eyes with a little preview of me "getting my Irish on" and be amazed:

Come Friday, there will be absolutely NO trousers on this guy! (But fear not! The festive St. Patrick's socks will probably be present.)

Take it away, Clark!

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