Friday, March 31, 2017

Unfortunately, Being Rude Isn't A Crime

Of course a trip to Qaqortoq, Greenland was in order. None of us had ever been ... and I would be willing to bet not a single one of our readers has been either, let alone heard of the place. 

Well, we looked around, asked the usual questions of the locals, did our due diligence ... and came up dry. You'll remember Clark pointed out RudeMan is "very good at disguising himself and travelling great distances" and we verified that right quick.

In fact, our research came up with zippo. Nothing. We didn't have a lead on the guy to save our lives. 

Then we got to thinking: What with Jeff noting RudeMan carries a pretty loyal contingent of followers who get off on carrying out various forms of rudeness - not to mention millions of others around the globe who do so naturally - it dawned on us we'd set ourselves an impossible task; not only was RudeMan true to his own nature, sneaky and virtually uncaptureable, his hordes would carry on his agenda even if was snagged.

Plus, the fact he hasn't - at least as far was we know - done anything illegal as of yet, it would be hard to pin anything on the cad.

So you see, there are things not even The Unbelievables can overcome, RudeMan being one of them.

That doesn't mean we won't keep our noses to the grindstone for this guy. In fact, on departure from Qaqortoq we left him a little note to get his goat. It looks a little something like this:

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