Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Intelligence Is Smart

"I'm sure the guys will have more stories of unusual methods of capture later in the week" Jeff mentioned.

And we do.

Of course, there are the elaborate methods and schemes and day's-long planning sessions we belabor to add just the right touch to capture and incarcerate some of the bad guys we tussle with.

But there are also times when some of the simplest procedures are employed. And they work just as effectively.

And that's when we turn to this:

Yes ... I'm talking about the encyclopedia of time-tested practices, The Acme Catalog.

Really, it's one of the true joys of being an Unbelievable. 

Clark, Jeff and I pride ourselves on coming up with innovative ways to capture villains. (Unbelieva-Fu® anyone?)

But, sometimes, I rather enjoy the tried and true systems one finds in the book (which have been in place for decades, mind you.) After all, it's kind of hard to improve on perfection.

If you've never seen The Acme Catalog, let me give you a little primer on some of the things to be found therein ...

Basic overall strategies anyone can use ...

Handy, easy-to-read (and printable!) schematics of all their inventory ...

Color illustrations and product photos ...

... and actual video screen grabs showing many of Acme's products to help aid you in choosing just the right item to foil any hardened ne'er-do-well.

Truly, it doesn't get much easier than that.

Still, there are doubters:

"But Michael ... doesn't it verge on the side of cheating to employ Acme's plans and products to capture your foes? Aren't you afraid of someone pointing out you're taking the easy way out using some of this stuff?"

Heck no! Just the contrary! Why waste your time reinventing the wheel when it's already at your disposal? That's why Acme puts out their catalog in the first place.

Quality products, easy accessibility, fast shipping ... and you're contributing to the economy, too! Plus, don't forget a money back guarantee if not delighted. Sound like a "win-win" to you? You bet! You know why? Because it is!

(Besides ... chicks dig it when guys use their natural smarts. "Cerebral" is sexy you know.)

Acme: Just part of what makes The Unbelievables ... well ... unbelievable.*

*No endorsements were negotiated or coerced from The Unbelievables on behalf of Acme or its products for profit or personal gain. Female notice and appreciation (and any subsequent benefits thereof) which may be derived from Acme product use is in no way implied or guaranteed. Your results may vary.

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