Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day Lunacy

You recall a little earlier in the year we discussed that group of lame-o wannabe criminals known as The Leapers? The bunch of Crash Bandicoot-obsessed Aussie ex-athletes who cause mayhem once every four years? Well, in case you were wondering, we are prepared for them. We've gone and acquired ourselves this little custom-made beauty...

a bunch of controllers...

and a ton of Crash Bandicoot games.

And we set them up like this...

Fig. 1: Just a simple mock-up, but you get the idea. It really will be this easy. The Leapers are not the brightest bulbs in the lamps department. You could strangle them with a cordless phone, you know what I'm saying?
There have been many other instances of catching criminals in the past where the simplest and sometimes silliest-sounding solution  has been the best approach. 

We once had to track down and capture the Small Faces (don't ask why, it would take too long). Simple yet nutty solution? One of those late 60s globe chairs that were kicking about ten-a-penny.

Serial hugger Stacie Contrapuntal was ensnared easily by the use of a fake spangly snake.

Fur filching Fannie Firenza was the problem - Clark and myself with stockings over our heads was the solution.

And The Small Faces - again - were captured with the aid of an oversized comedy overcoat.

I'm sure the guys will have more stories of unusual methods of capture later in the week.

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