Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We Get (Autumnal) Letters

It's not often I get irritated by letters. Usually I'm a very patient man, the other guys will be quick to verify. But sometimes the quality of the letters we receive declines sharply.

Here's a couple examples:

Hey Unbelieva-lads, 

Costume parties are a 'thing' this time of year. What's your best advice on home-made costumes? 

Francis Enstein
Acme, LA

What?!  Didn't we cover that topic more than adequately a bunch of times before? Most recently a couple weeks ago? NEXT!

Hey Jeff, 
What are your favourite recipes for a fall party?

Dr. De'Ath
Tucumcari, NM

Oh, do come on. This is old hat, surely.

Dear Jeff,
Any suggestions for cocktail recipes for an autumnal shindig?

D. Racula
Isabel, ND

WELL! Now you're talking. Here's a couple I've found to be winners at previous parties...

1 oz. cream
1/2 oz. Pumpkin King Cordial
1 tsp. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate mix

Pour the cream into a glass, then layer the Pumpkin King cordial on top. Add the hot chocolate mix and give it all a good stir. Some of the chocolate mix won't dissolve, but that makes for a cool effect with little bursts of chocolate in each sip.


2 litres good-quality traditional hard cider
6 cloves
3-4 star anise
¼ nutmeg , finely grated into the pan
1 cinnamon stick
1 vanilla pod , halved
1 orange , juice of
2 clementines, juice of
1 pomegranate, juice and seeds of
4–5 tablespoons caster sugar


Pour the cider into a large pan on a low heat and let it warm through for a few minutes. Add all the spices and juices and turn the heat up. Once boiling, turn down to a simmer and leave to tick away for 5–8 minutes.
As everything infuses you’ll get delicious layers of flavour. Taste it and add sugar as you like. You don’t want it sweet; you just want the sugar to join the spices in a harmonious taste. When you’re happy with the flavours, ladle into glasses or mugs and serve warm.

Hi Guys, 

How do you like my koala costume?

Wolff Manne
Mashpee, MA

That's it. I'm out.

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