Monday, October 23, 2017


Aside from Halloween and all the holiday madness that immediately follows that, this is also an interesting time of year in that all of the (North American) major sports leagues are in session at the same time.
Baseball is winding down, (American) football is well into the meat of their season while hockey and basketball are just underway.

These are all fine past-times and we enjoy them as much as anyone. Although, being the dashing men of action that we are, we find them all a bit... tame. So we invented our own sport, which we use to satisfy our competitive urges and stay in fine fit fighting form. We call it (of course) UNBELIEVABALL!

It's a complex game with unique rules and scoring, but we'll try to explain as much as we can to you.

  • THERE'S A BALL - Of course there's a ball. Any truly good sport (sorry, hockey) has a ball to throw, catch, hit, kick or fire from a weapon (as is the case with UNBELIEVABALL).
  • THERE ARE TEAMS - There are three of us and this is a three-sided game; most sports are Team A vs Team B. UNBELIEVABALL is Team Clark vs Team Micheal vs Team Jeff, all at the same time. As such, we draft members of the Unbelievababes to fill out our rosters.

  • THERE ARE UNIFORMS - And we're not sexist, so we wear the same ones.

  • THERE'S A PLAYING SURFACE - It's made of grass or wood or what have you and has lines painted on it.
  • THERE'S AN OBJECTIVE - The team that scores the most goal unit points wins.
I know this is all kind of vague, but I want to leave room for the guys to expound upon the unique and exciting sport of UNBELIEVABALL!!

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