Friday, October 20, 2017

Definite Halloween Rejects

You might ask (you might not):

"Hey, Unbelievables ... how did you come by the services of Hal Owen and Tom (B.) Stone for your Halloween costuming needs anyway?"

Well, there's a bit of a story to that.

One September not so long ago the word was put out we were interviewing for consultants. (Bonus: We figured it would be a great way to weed out some of the wannabees who were hankering for a chance to become an Unbelievable, too - an ultra rarity in itself as our readers well know.) Of the hundreds of submissions we received, there were a few standouts, Hal and Tom being the out and out winners of course.

But there were even more jokesters and motorheads who thought their witty natures and "innovative thinking" might be their ticket to an office at the Unbelieva-Base.

Fat chance. Here are a few of those entries:

One gal pushed producing current and past popular celebrities.
But Clark went down that path Wednesday:
No Hollywood studio executives of any kind.

Someone suggested a dumpster. 
uhmmmmmmmm ... no.

Another thought we shouldn't go as anything,
just stay home and dole out treats and greet our fans.
(And offer some "comical" tricks to any wiseacres ...)

Then there was that one Disney fan
who really wanted us to dress as props from the "It's A Small World" attraction ...

I don't even know why this would be a thing ...


A small fry fan of ours offered these suggestions.
Jeff could be "Ashley," "Natalie" for me and Clark as "Alyssa."
We thanked the kid and convinced him in the end
Alyssa was a rather unconvincing, unrealistic interpretation of Clark.
(Though, truth be told, I was rather fond of Natalie ...)

An eyeless stuffed dog passed out after smoking cigarettes.
Really. This was a suggestion.

Lasty, the pièce de résistance was this:
Mayonnaise. Just mayonnaise.

I don't know ... you tell us: Why did we go with Hal Owen and Tom (B.) Stone in the end? And what were their submissions that inevitably got them the jobs*?

*That tale might be fodder for entries later on ...

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