Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ghoulish Costumiers

Well, it's getting close to that time of year when kids dress up strangely and roam the streets, knocking on doors and demanding candy dressed as witches, goblins and spooks. Bunch of small-minded little terrors. Doesn't anyone know how to do costumes properly anymore? 

Of course we Unbelievables always have the greatest costumes for Halloween, largely due to our own unerring sense of style, but also ably assisted by our personal Halloween consultants. Yes, that's right - we can usually do it all by ourselves, but once in a Halloween blue moon, we get stuck in a rut. At a loss. Can't think of a decent costume to save our lives. That's what's happened this time - at least to me. So what do we do when we're all out of duds? Wide-eyed and threadsless? That's when we call our main men of scary couture, the inimitable Hal Owen...

..and Tom Stone.

Yes - his middle initial is B.
As you can see, they have the Halloween look down pat. So rest assured, they know what they're doing. Here's a few examples of their classic spooky outfits...

Children with robot heads - it's like something out of Black Mirror.

Skeletons riding horse skeletons - what could be more terrifying?

A group of normal bystanders, you might think - but take a closer look and they look like victims of a nuclear accident.

Mom's doing some gardening, but WHAT THE AAAAARGHRUNFORYOURLIIIIFE!

Imagine Popeye in a clown suit, and a witch replete with broomstick and a little girl's body. Nightmarish.

They were even responsible for the deathly appearance of late wrestling manager Paul Bearer.

So - I wonder what ideas they're going to come up with this year for me and the boys?

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