Monday, October 2, 2017

A return to (ab)normalcy-ish-ness

Michael is back and we don't have any major crisis to deal with, which means we can take a minute to catch our breath and re-set ourselves for whatever comes down the pipe next. This means we're actually getting a little downtime, which almost never happens. You already know about some of our hobbies and passions, but what about the ways we occupy ourselves when it's really quiet? I mean low-impact, relaxing pursuits. Waste of time? Perhaps. But sometimes that's a good idea. In our line of work, it doesn't come around often so we'd better enjoy it while it lasts.
I'll let the guys talk about the activities that help them zen out later this week, but here are mine:

There's a low-stress sense of accomplishment when you put all the right pieces together to form an aesthetically pleasant image.

Some countries really put some interesting artwork on their postage stamps. Each one is like a tiny miniature very small portrait.

I grow all the good vegetables in my garden. Green ones, red ones, orange ones. Are there orange vegetables? Of course there are. They're called oranges, duh.

I don't actually take photos. When it comes to cameras, I couldn't tell you which end you put your eyeball on and which end sucks up the image. But I do enjoy nature photography in that I enjoy looking at nature photos. Equal parts serene and wild. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Me like choo-choo trains.

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