Friday, November 4, 2016

We Know Our Limits

This guy keeps us busier than you can imagine ...

That "Deeply Disappointed" dude from Monday. What a maroon.

I mean, seriously: If you weren't convinced with the likes of Keith Richards and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson being on our list of celebrities we protect (though, as Clark noted, not our primary purpose as a crack, non-government affiliated, multi-jurisdictional, not-for-profit crime & injustice fighting organization) you had to have raised your eyebrows at the fact of our "dealings" with maintaining the health and well being of the actors who have portrayed the seminal Ian Fleming icon James Bond. (And let me tell you: Keeping an eye on Sir Sean Connery ain't no walk in the park. No sirree, Bob ...)

I think the short list (and there are plenty more we could mention) speaks for itself in response to the note "Deeply Disappointed" shot at us. So that bug's been quashed.

But ...

In the unlikely event some of you still might not be convinced we're doing the best we can (and that's pretty great!), let me wow you with not one but two little items we were approached with and, ultimately, turned down.

About a year ago, both the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns reached out to The Unbelievables asking for our specialized services. After a brief (and I mean brief) discussion with Jeff and Clark, we three agreed those camps were by no means spectacles any of us wanted to dive into. We were impressed they contacted us for the obvious benefit and value we could provide but working with either of their bases would have been biting off more than we could chew. The reasons we declined should come across as obvious, not the least of which were the logistics of working with them. Talk about your waking nightmare.

Nope, nope and nope.

And it was never a question of picking one over the other. We flat out declined and thanked them for their considerations.

"Truth be told" Jeff told them "Sean Connery is handful enough."

And that's no lie ...

"What ... ?!?"

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