Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Add The Unbelievables To Your Christmas List!

The fantastic "The Unbelievables" game in stores now!
Ready to stuff a Christmas stocking!
Offered in a highly-prized retro package as shown, too!
(Boot wearin' Unbelieva-Babe not included)

Notoriety sometimes has its downsides, you know.

And, in our case, that of The Unbelievables, it goes without saying.

But we're big boys. We can handle it. In most instances the notoriety is nothing more than sour grapes from some jealous source who can't handle the truth, that The Unbelievables' standards are merely dreams to them, attainability that's simply out of reach.

Especially to our villainous foes.

Case in point: The new Unbelievables multi-level gaming extravaganza titularly titled The Unbelievables. (Original!) There's so much tasty goodness in each playing level (not to mention within the bonus play areas of the game such as the aforementioned
Clark's Defenestration Station) that hours and hours of fun are guaranteed for the entire family.

Here are a few features of the game to tickle your fancy:

 Multiple player formats so you can share all the excitement with your friends and family!

Hundreds of realistic disguises! No game play is ever the same!

Secret, unlockable levels such as the challenging "The Telephone Game" ...

Tons of weapons to choose from, many geared specifically for the ladies!
(Hello, Ladies!)
Realistic worlds, venues and backgrounds ...
Heinous villains, some female! *shudder*

 "I play The Unbelievables! You should, too!"
Celebrity tested and endorsed ...

... and by some rather unexpected celebrities.
(Don't worry, Jane Goodall. We won't leak your secret obsession!)

Of course, our villains will have a tough time navigating the various levels of The Unbelievables. But we're sure they'll buy it just so they can delve in and try to unlock some of our successes. Good luck, ne'er-do-wells!

Even Santa approves of The Unbelievables. Put it on your wish list!

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