Monday, June 6, 2016

For he's a jolly good henchman

We attended a farewell gathering last week. Legendary henchman/thug/goon/underling/minion Grigor Gorgrivich has finally retired. Sure, we were always on opposite sides of the law but we know these guys and a lengthy career deserves a certain amount of respect and recognition.
Just look at that form!
Over the years, Grigor worked for all the notable bad guys (long-term employment really isn't a viable career option for thugs) and always conducted himself as a professional. Whether he was taking a beating or inadvertently screwing up his boss's plan by somehow being utterly incapable of following simple instructions, we appreciated him and his unintentional assistance.

The party itself was kind of lame. Henchmen by nature are not inclined to be leaders, so nobody ordered any food or beverages. Plus, all henchmen are male...
Also, it was kind of sad seeing what kind of shape Grigor was in after all these years. Having had every bone in his body broken multiple times (often by The Unbelievables), he doesn't get around like he used to. I remember after many a battle. while we sat in the middle of the street waiting for an ambulance to take him to the hospital and then jail, he'd always talked about wanting to spend his golden years sitting peacefully by a pond, fishing. It was something everyone knew about him. He just couldn't stop talking about it. Naturally, this is what his former colleagues bought him as a parting gift.
Always eager to please, never very bright.
I'm sure Jeff and Michael have their own personal memories of this henchiest of henchmen.

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