Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A friend in pants is a friend in need

Pulling pranks and annoying each other is not only immature and unproductive, it's also wildly entertaining. We love it!

One of my favorites is a reversal on the ol' "Hide The Pants" gag. You know, when somebody has disrobed for whatever reason (helloooo ladies!) and you sneak in and steal their pants, so they have to come out in public half-naked?
Ha ha ha ha!
Well, as may have been mentioned here once or twice or 30 times, Michael hates wearing pants. So what I do is sneak into his bedroom, administer a highly narcotic sedative and then put pants on him. When he wakes up, often as long as 72 hours later, shaking, nauseous and severely dehydrated, he staggers out of his room, trembling. You know, because of the after-effects of the highly narcotic sedative. "G-guys... I think I'm going to need some m-medical assistance here". Then I point at him and say, "I guess we know who wears the pants around here!"
Ha ha ha ha!
Then we take him to the hospital.

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