Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What's More Important Than The POTUS Gone Missing?

Far be it that we Unbelievables shirk our responsibilities.

We're known for our resoluteness, our uncompromising courageousness in the face of danger, being mavens of fashion and our gracious attitude toward the ladies. (Hello, Ladies!)

But I digress. Regarding this "Obamagone" business (and Jeff hit the nail on the head with his final declaration in Monday's post:

"More on this story as it develops."

Well guess what? Nothing has developed.

Not a single thing. There are no further developments. Nil. Nada. Zippo. Zilch.

As far as we know The President is still jib-jabbin' around with the likes of David Letterman as he was Monday evening. Here, see for yourself:

It's not like he's Vladimir Putin disappearing for a month (or more) at a time, completely out of the public eye. And you must be aware President Obama is surrounded by secret service 24/7. It's a little difficult to fall off the face of the earth for any length of time without them knowing.

So ... when something comes up? You'll be the first to know. We're on it. We're privy to the 911 on the POTUS.

Besides, there are more important things than The President gone missing. (And let me clarify one last time: We highly doubt he's truly missing.) 

What's more important you ask? How about this past Monday, Star Wars Day? (Hokay ... maybe not.) Well ... what about yesterday, Cinco de Mayo? (Uhmmm ... no.)

You're right. Neither of those is really important. But you know what is important? I'll tell you what's important folks:

Today is May 6th! Monica Lewis' birthday ... !!!

What's more important than that ... ??!?

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