Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Little Later This Week (as in Tomorrow)

The three of us sat down together at The Unbelievabase, in The Unbelievaconference room, seated around The Unbelieveatable to hash this thing out...

MICHAEL: All right, what do we know about Thursday?
JEFF: That it's not Friday?
CLARK: Unless you're a college student.
M & J: ... ?
C: Most college students don't schedule classes on Fridays so they start their weekends partying on Thursday nights, like most people would on Friday.
M: Well, that's stupid.
J: This particular Thursday marks the 415th anniversary of King Henry IV of France being assassinated, the 90th anniversary of Virginia Woolf's novel 'Mrs. Dalloway' being published and the 73rd birthday of German actor RĂ¼diger Vogler.
C: (under his breath) You're stupid.
M: Hmm, any one of those could be the source for a number of criminal capers.
J: What about the use of a pin to attach the note? Who would use pins?
C: Somebody who likes to pop balloons?
M: I was thinking of someone who uses pins in their profession. A tailor or dressmaker perhaps?
J: I'm not sure...
C: Ooh! I know someone who uses Pinterest! A Pinner. A Pinterester.
M: Maybe we should take a break.
C: A Pinnerator. A PinPerson. One who Pins.
J: I'll go whip some potatoes.
M: Put on some coffee while you're at it. This could be a long night.
C: A Pin-up girl
M & J: ...
C: What?
M: I just had an idea. What if it's a pin-up girl?
J: I was just going to say the same thing!
C: (under his breath) I hate you so much right now.

So we sort of followed a lead but we'll have to wait and see if it pays off tomorrow.
What will happen?!? Tune in Friday!

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