Friday, May 8, 2015

Obamaback! (But it's not all good news)

Well, Michael wasn't much help, was he?
Oh well. That kind of thing happens from time to time and we move forward.

First of all, good news; the President has been found! It turns out he had retired to a lavatory and was seen carrying a copy of this particular magazine:

We think the messenger who sent us the email got confused:

No biggie. The President is back and he's fine.

Now the bad news; it would appear that we have some new rogues to add to our gallery. A group of ne'er do wells who call themselves The Stews are out to cause mayhem. The young lady featured in Jeff's entry on Monday is a member, as are the ladies (if you want to call them that) shown above. Their M.O. (that's Latin for "how crooks work") is to use their feminine wiles to lure otherwise responsible air travelers into following them aboard planes and then making them misbehave (smoke, drink to excess, use objectionable language, etc.). Were they involved in this particular case? Probably. We're not entirely sure.
What we do know is that what starts out like this on the runway A in Pittsburgh...

Turns into this in the air over Omaha...

The next thing you know, innocent rock stars are being led astray...
"They seemed like such nice girls"
To what end? I don't think The Stews have even figured that out for themselves. Just for kicks, maybe. At any rate, I'm sure we'll cross paths with them again in the future.

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