Friday, May 15, 2015

The Bad Guys Are Here, and They Rock

I had completely forgotten. It had totally slipped my mind. I have to face facts - my memory, though still razor sharp 95% of the time, is not what it once was. 

There we were, all week, pondering the meaning of this cryptic message...

All week we wondered (well, not all week - just up until about lunchtime Thursday), and all week none of us could figure it out. 

Until about 11:57 am, when I saw a van making its way up the street while on periscope duty (that's right, we have a periscope - u jelly?).

Anyway, as I say, I saw a van tooling its way along Main St. and suddenly the penny dropped. Bad Guys! Thursday! A van! A tour van!

Not actual bad guys... Bad Guys the band! From the UK! THESE Bad Guys!

I completely forgot that I had invited them to our hideout to set up for this weekend's Unbelievables music Festival!

Wait, wait, let me back up...

Unbelievafest is our first foray into the festival scene. After all, May is nearly half over and everyone is getting ready for festivals such as Bestival and Rock Am Ring and Splendour In The Grass and Wychwood and Tentertainment and Create and all those other festivals that mostly end with the word "stock". So we thought - why not? We like music, and parties, and beer, and girls, so let's start it with just the one band, plentiful drinks and the Unbelievababes, and if all goes well, then we'll go bigger next year. So we asked Bad Guys (an appropriate name, I thought, given our line of work) to come along and play some kick-ass rock for us all weekend. And they were happy to come along. Because Bad Guys are our kind of guys. Need proof? Here you go.

So as I write, they are about to take the stage for their first set. Clark's just expertly crafting a few beer-based cocktails, Michael is blowing up some festive balloons (pantsless, naturally) and I have just made a mondo bowl of the most amaaaazing whipped potatoes for us all to enjoy. This should be a weekend to remember. Just us and the Bad Guys, rockin' and rollin' till Sunday night. Crank it up to eleven, boys!

P.S. That whole pin thing? We asked the guys about that and they said the reason they used a pin was not to throw us off or anything like that. They had simply run out of Blu-Tack and sticky tape.

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