Friday, May 1, 2015

We're Wild About Harry ...

All the tributes are nice, there's no doubt about that. And, as you might gather, there are a bevy of them.

But I'd like to switch gears for a moment and offer something by contrast - one of The Unbelievables favorite things to do when we defeat ne'er-do-wells, something I don't think we've shared previously.

We leave them a nice little present while they're wallowing in the misery of their defeat.

Each of us - Jeff, Clark and myself - enjoy playing the song "One" while we walk off the scene, leaving them to lick their wounds.

Psychologically, it's one more punch in the gut. And an appropriate one at that. You can imagine it being difficult to recover from a good old fashioned Unbelievables ass kicking any time of day or night. It's even more difficult with the iconic tune dancing 'round your head while you're holding it in your hands trying to make the throbbing stop. Poor bad guys.

Now, while one might thing the popular Three Dog Night recording would be the go-to tune, it's not. Each of us have our favorite versions, none of which is that particular one. 

Jeff's? The Aimee Mann rendition. (Who knew he was a sucker for Aimee Mann?!?)

Clark? He prefers Filter's take on the tune which is ... interesting to say the least. (There's a twinkle in his eye each time he puts this one on for Henri Petit. With the little twit flailing wildly after being chucked through a window to the waiting pavement below, "One" fades off in the distance. in. Can you imagine that? It's devastating, to say the least ...)

Me? I'm old school: I like the Harry Nilsson original ...

Those poor, poor bad guys ...

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