Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tee Time - No Deal

So yes, we are T-shirt salesmen. And not for the first time. Back in the day (when we used to hang out with Sheila Ferguson on a regular basis) we had a boutique of which we were co-owners - the renowned Flatfoot Jimmy's.

Good job we changed the name from its previous incarnation.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

We used to have a great line in T-shirts.

Of course, Michael had to have his way when it came to choosing stock.

It wasn't Michael's taste in shorts that finally sealed the fate of Flatfoot Jimmy's, however. Nope, the reason we were forced to shut our doors was the stiff competition we faced from notorious Just For Men user Noel Edmonds. He launched a fab line of teenage tops that blew us out of the water.

Such keen prices and groovy styling! No wonder he called them Lazer!!

Utilizing the Kays catalog, he didn't even need a storefront. The world was his storefront. Soon, hip kids and hep cats everyplace were wearing Lazer, and nobody came to Flatfoot Jimmy's anymore.

Still, we're not bitter about it. We have  hundred and one projects on the go at any given moment, so, we didn't mind. and we got justice served to Noel Edmonds in the end.

Yes, it was us who convinced Mr. Lazer Shirts to go on TV to host Deal Or No Deal with beard hair and hair on his head that not only don't match,  they bear no relation to his original hair colour. See?

1976 Noel.

2014 Noel. What a twonk.
Ah, sweet, sweet revenge.

By the way, if you want to buy our shirts (you know you do), click this link.

I'll be back tomorrow with more adventures. Until then... ciao!

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