Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Comfort ... And Style

Jeff came running into the opulent lounge of the Unbelieva-Base one afternoon bursting with exuberance:

"Guys! Guys! Guys! Great idea here! We're now selling Tees!"

Clark and I looked at each other, puzzled. I could tell Clark's mind was spinning with different ideas and I'm certain he could tell mine was doing precisely the same.

"Tease?" Clark asked.

"Yup! Tees! Great idea, don't you think?"

"Ts?" I asked.

"Exactly! It'll be great!"

Clark and I exchanged looks once again."You know ... he might have something there," Clark admitted, stroking his chin. "Let's go out to the garage for a minute ..."

The three of us headed down the hallway to the garage exit. Once there, Clark opened a cabinet, took out a bunnet and cravat, put them both on and leaned against his Corvette with his arms and legs casually crossed, completing the look with a raised eyebrow.

"You're right, Jeff. Nothing garners the attention of the ladies ("Hello, Ladies!") like a good tease ..."

Not exactly what Clark looked like leaning against his Corvette ...
... but you get the picture.

Jeff countered "No, no, no. Tees ... I mean tees ... !!!"

"Oh! I gotcha, Chief!" I ran out of the room and came back lickety-split in a tailored pair of trousers, a fitted long-sleeved shirt and jacket. I was in my disco best. "Tah-dah! I'm dressed to a 'T' ... though you know I prefer pantlessness. Still, I know what turns heads!" I exclaimed.

Put them all together and  << BOOM >>  it's me.

Jeff sighed and shook his head at the floor. "Wrong! I mean Tees as in T-shirts! We've got a golden opportunity to cater to the average Joe and Joette and T-shirts emblazoned with our likeness, calling out The Unbelievables, is just the ticket! Those kinds of Tees ..."

"Yeah ... that'll work" Clark said at the exact same time I did. 

Jeff beamed ...

"The Unbelievables on a T-shirt ... just for me?"

Yep. Get yours today right here. You're welcome. 

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