Friday, February 15, 2013

Now That Valentine's Day Is Over ...

The Unbelievables sincerely hope you had a warm and wonderful Valentine's Day with your special someone. Because you know we're all about keeping the "day of love" on the positive side when it comes to "amour." (Hello, Ladies!) 

Good thing you perused Clark's first piece of advice in Monday's post: "Above all else, keep it classy, boys."  

Wait ... what? You didn't catch wind of that suggestion? 

Oh ... I understand. You decided Jeff was the right man for suggestion giving and you met with his line of thinking instead. I get that. (I mean, Clark can't always be the go-to guru when it comes to matters of the heart ... much as he'd always like to be that guy ...) 

Wait ... wait ... wait. You mean you didn't glean any info from either of those two ... ?!?? *rut row* 

Well you know what? We're still on your side. We're confident you didn't kick your common sense to the curb and go with something left of center or beyond outrageous. Because, we know you meant well. We know you wanted the best for your Valentine ... or at least the best you could do. And that's admirable.

But believe us when we say we've seen our share of good intentions gone sour. There's stuff out there that never should see the light of day.

And as a public service announcement, we'd like to show you a few examples we hope you didn't give into ...

If those do-it-yourself candy hearts were part of your plan?
If so, please tell us you had bett
er captions than the above.

While there's nothing wrong with a hand-made card,
you need to be careful about ones conveying honest-to-goodness truthfulness.
They don't always translate as points in your favor.
You better not have purchased these ...
You better not have purchased this, either.
I think we've been over this already ...
Trust us: You'll be tired even before you chew your way through ...
Yep. As seen on TV. And that's where it should stay.

Anatomically correct jewelry is a sure way to not to get what you want ...
...if you know what we mean.
Important Tip: The meaning of your Valentine?
Make sure it isn't mistaken for something else.

Uhmmm ... no.

Again ... no.

Getting your friends to do something cute on command?
Careful what you ask for.
In the event you did give into temptation and utilize one or more of the above (or, heaven forbid, something worse), there's always next year ... 

You know ... with your new Valentine.

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