Friday, October 11, 2013

Sweater weather!

Fall is the start of the holiday season, which means parties and oh, how we love a good party. But we're also quite fond of the chill in the air that makes it possible to wear some of our favorite clothing: sweaters! We're huge fans of sweater weather (not to be confused with Sweaty Leather, Jeff's cologne). We don't wait for Christmas to celebrate with woolen clothes; that's amateur hour. Pros like us know that sweaters make women even more susceptible to falling into our arms because we have made ourselves incrementally softer and fuzzier.

This cat is looking good (that's an awesome pullover, Gulliver) but he's trying way too hard. There's no need for jazz hands or putting them in the air and waving them as if it's no concern or whatever it is he's doing here.

Dieter and Bjorn here have the right idea. A sort of aggressively nonchalant approach. "Would you like to dance with me?" Meh. I kind of have a pretty sweet spot here at the bar... "Oh please, Bjorn? Pleeeeease??" Well, okay. 

Who says product placement has to be tacky?

This is what happens when someone is playing Tetris while knitting and their home is struck by lightning.

This is one of Michael's favorite pieces of clothing (which is saying something, since he generally hates clothing). It's an extremely M.C. Escher sweater. Notice how the pattern seems to be going up and down at the same time, which should be physically impossible!

What's cuter than when grown adults play matchies? Almost anything. That's why the brother shown here decided to add a twist: not the blinding white plum smugglers, but the Engineer Fred Cap, tilted at a rakish angle. Choo choo, baby!

We like this one because it's not only a stylish garment, it's also a crime-fighting tool. "Show us on the sweater where The Unbelievables touched you..."

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