Monday, October 14, 2013

Daydream Believers

We really are just average guys. (But with the added advantage of being exceptional crime-fighters.)

Jeff? He likes his little production projects ("Mixmaster Jeffy Jeff") and his whipped potatoes. (Tuesdays only, thank you.)

Clark? His Corvettes ("He left it to me ... !!!") and his robots.

Me? I'm much more than just some wandering pantsless guy. (Hello! They're called "trousers" ... !!!)

But we can't help using our super-special powers of deduction and keen observational acumen - not to mention our lightning-fast abilities to think and act on the fly - in our everyday lives, either. They leak over to the normal side sometimes. Not a bad thing.

For example ... just the other day I saw these in someone's garden:

I wondered: "Why in the world does anyone need to write words on rocks?" And, of course, it got me thinking ...

Was it some sinister plot? Is there a villain out there bent on animating garden foliage in order to take over the world? Is it just some yahoo defacing rocks? What? What is it? Could this be an any day happenstance of hidden meaning calling out for the services of The Unbelievables ... ?!?

And then, as I picked them up, I discovered the images below hidden beneath the rocks:

Beneath the "Believe" rock I found these ...

Beneath the "Dream" rock I found these ...

Looking them over, I realized there wasn't any cause for alarm.

No emergency needing The Unbelievables attention.

No crisis or panic-causing threat.

Simply the innocent well wishes of someone wanting the folks in the pictures to realize their dreams and beliefs.

So ... you see? It's not everyday The Unbelievables are called upon. Sometimes parts are just parts.

However ... the following picture we received not long ago from Derek and Dirk Dingleheimerwiesen in their attempt to prove to us they could be a part of The Unbelievables? Well ... let's just say as an act of good faith I'm putting copies underneath both the "Believe" and "Dream" rocks for them ... and we'll just leave it at that.

I mean ... who am I to dash their hopes?

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