Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Follow your dreams, hoping they lead you far from here

Oh man, the Dingleheimerwiesen brothers. Better known around here sometimes as "(Sigh) there they are again.". It started out when they were kids and they'd follow us around, asking for autographs and photos. Sure, it's flattering and their hearts have always been in the right place but it can be downright awkward trying to explain to other law enforcement officials why you have fans hanging out at a crime scene.
This meant that as much as we appreciate them, we've had to show some "tough love" and keep our distance at times. You know, just to teach them to respect boundaries. As many young people will do, they went through a rebellious phase for the purpose of seeking atention...

A real lowpoint: that semester at community college when they dated the Klumpmasterflash Twins
But we never stopped supporting them when it mattered the most and as you can see, they picked up on what was really important to us and came out just fine. We're so proud of them!

Deep down, we love these guys!

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