Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What About Bob?

As you might recall from a couple of weeks ago, Kip, our mail boy, turned out to be a makeshift robot with a latex skin piloted by that tiny pipe-smoking holy terror tot Henri Petit. Once the jig was up, we found ourselves without a mail boy. So naturally we received hundreds of applications almost immediately, and we have been conducting interviews this week, which is why this post is late. 

Most of the applications were accompanied by photos that looked like these:

We hurriedly turned these applications over to the Unbelievababes and they excitedly pored over them. The girls do get bored on the odd occasion and the prospect of showing the ropes to some new blood filled them with glee.

There were also some more 'professional-looking' CVs, such as this one:

This is apparently "Glenda Campbell". However, we soon discovered this pic had been taken from a catalogue for office furnishings.

We had narrowed it down to two candidates when this one was also revealed to be a fraud, as well as a terrible actor.

I'm happy to say I think we have found the ideal candidate. Ladies and gents, may I please welcome to the fold...

Bob Diggity, office guy extraordinaire. Here he is, getting the Unbelievababes to help him get settled in.  As you can see, he's our kinda guy.

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