In Loving Memory: Monica Lewis


A few days ago, our Unbelieva-World was rocked by the sad and terrible news that the Ultimate Unbelievababe, the super and splendid Monica Lewis, had passed at the age of 93. To say we are gutted is an understatement. She was the greatest.

Here is an excerpt from a birthday piece we published on the occasion of her 91st birthday...
Now you know we love the ladies, ALL the ladies, all the time. However, we would be less than honest if we were to give any of you gals the impression that you ever have a shot at being our #1. That spot is reserved always and forever for our one and only. We're used to fighting evil-doers and crime-committers of all kinds but the only dame that ever caused us to fight among ourselves is Monica Lewis, a fight I'm convinced that I've won because there's no question she likes me more than Jeff and Michael.

And to the rest of you ladies out there, there's nothing wrong with competing for second place!

We love you Monica. Fare thee well. 

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