Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Called A Flight, 'Cause It Takes You Up To Heaven

As you may or may not be aware (I don't know why you wouldn't) we Unbelievables are big music fans, but I betcha didn't know that some our favourite musicians are in fact undercover operatives working for us. Oh you did know that? Well, whatever... it's my story to tell, and I'm-a tellin'.

There are a couple of wonderful friends of ours that go by the everyday monickers of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, otherwise known to most of the HBO-watching world as The Flight Of The Conchords. These two plucky Kiwis are not only skilled musicians and funny comedians, but they are big Unbelievables fans - so much so, in fact, that they have written not one but two songs inspired by the times they have spent hanging out with us stylish gentlemen at our Unbelieva-base. Just to refresh your collective memories, here they are:

I'm sure you can see where our influence has rubbed off on these two classy characters. Snappy dressers and facial hair heroes, the Conchords liked us so much they ended up learning the basics of Unbelieva-Zen from us, hosting their own Unbelievinars™ and mastering disguise. Let's see what they can do...

Corners up...

or corners down? Such a tough decision.

Jemaine went undercover on the set of Men In Black III in order to help Will Smith come to his next bi-monthly Unbelievinar™. With Will it's like AA - he keeps falling off the wagon and doing something idiotic, like letting his children sing and act.
 Bret, however, went a different route. Not only does Bret rock the facial hair...

but being a Kiwi, it was easy for him to get a non-speaking part in fellow New Zealander Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring...

but what Jackson hadn't counted on was the fact that with or without facial hair, Bret is just so goshdarn attractive to the ladies (Hello, ladies!) that they (the ladies, that is) assigned him a name anyway - Figwit (stands for "Frodo is great... who is THAT!?") and so when he reprised his role in The Return Of The King, he appeared as Figwit in the credits. But what was he doing in the movie anyway? Sending us daily reports, that's what. Several cast members had been giving us trouble, not least Orlando Bloom, whom we had been concerned about ever since that stinker Elizabethtown. (Don't worry ladies - Orlando's almost back to normal now, although he still displays worrying tendencies towards wig-wearing and guy-kissing.)

Bret also worked with The Muppets,

largely to figure out why Jason Segel always looks like a guy who has just returned from chucking up his dinner in the restaurant's bathroom.
"Sorry, excuse me, I.. blooargh!"
In the process of checking up on Mr. Segel (who, as it turns out, just looks that way naturally), Bret utilised his songwriting talent to score himself an Oscar for best original song.

So you see, the Flight Of The Conchords are not only good friends and fans of The Unbelievables, but a valuable resource in our ever-expanding global coolness arsenal.

I'll let Michael and Clark enlarge upon the exploits by explaining how they were able to defeat - well, I don't want to say too much...

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