Monday, October 7, 2013

Party Like It's ... Autumn

Well folks, it would appear that the autumn is upon us, and while it might be fun to talk about the crazy crazy stuff in this week's news (Miley vs. Sinead) I am personally so sick of the pair of them that I want to pay for two tickets to somewhere remote and send them there - no, strike that, maroon them there. Problem solved. But then there'll always be another bunch of annoying people clogging up our media channels and we're back to square one. So let's talk about the Unbelievables' favourite time of the year - Fall. Why? Because it's that crisp chill in the air, the falling leaves, the smell of pumpkin pie and warm apple cider, the hayrides and corn mazes - in short, it's a good time to get close to the ladies (Hello, ladies!) and there is no better way to get up close and snuggly with your best Unbelieva-babe(s) than by hosting an Autumnal dinner party, such as the one below.

So... here's a few tips from your guys who've been there, done that and seen things that'd make Seattle's Aurora Ave. streetwalkers upchuck into their fake Prada clutch purses (but that's another story...)

Food. Kind of an obvious one, this, but if your food can't cut it, then people will pooh-pooh your party and you'll be the party pooper, pal. Luckily for you, help is at hand, bucko. Take a gander at this.

As soon as you start using this handy (and free!) guide, you will be turning out stuff like this in no time.

Yum-oh indeed! Rachael Ray? Who she?
Drinks. Again, you need drinks that are top-notch to guarantee happy guests. So refer to this cheat sheet...

You can't beat a Manhattan. All the Unbelieva-parties we have ever hosted are memorable because of this drink, served our own special way...

So there you have it. You've got the food and drink organised and... wait, what's missing? 
You guessed'er, Chester. Tunes.

May we recommend first of all you click the Hot Platters! tab at the top of the page for some ideas. Also, try this...

Soon you'll be partying just like we do (well, not exactly - you aren't crimefighters, after all - we are) and this sort of thing will be a familiar sight at your pad.

Not this.

Nice boots, though. 

I'm sure that Clark and Michael will be waxing lyrical about our favourite season later in the week. Till then, ciao!

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